Saturday, December 03, 2011

Jingle Ball 2011 Power Balance Arena 107.9 The End

Jingle Ball, Jingle Ball, Jingle all the waaaaaay! Oh what fun it is... I did have a great time shooting this show. All the entertainers were top notch and great music all around. In general the sets were very short, which just left me wanting more. The show made me want to run out and buy music, and that's really what this is all about right? Ok, it may be all about the music but as a visual person I can't help but notice the appearance of things and I'm as opinionated as the next person.

I know I know I know, so when Neon hitch came out to do her bit with Gym Class Heroes I couldn't stop staring. But then again, I doubt anyone could have considering the rest of the outfit, or lack of it. The song is really great too-- "Ass back home". Great hypnotic hook sung by Neon. Travie has the most amazing face and he uses it like a brush to a canvas. It's almost elastic and as goofy as he gets he will suddenly spread his face into the most contagious smile just to remind you he's playing with you. This is fifth time I've seen them and they're always fun.

Selena Gomez came out in the cutest little holiday dress-- very ballerina but without the toe shoes and certainly very holiday but far less as literal as the cheeky Katy Perry was a few years back in her little Santa dress. I think boyfriend Justin Bieber would approve. Jojo was the fiercer darker woman on the stage. Carolina Breathe has frenetic energy while the frontman for Cobra Starship has this magnetism that certainly magnetized me!

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