Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hairspray, Music Circus

Alas, this is the very last show of the season... but yowza, what a fun one! Colorful, vibrant, entertaining, our own slice of Broadway right her in our backyard. Go have a night out and see this one!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Gym Class Heroes, Van's Warped Tour

I'd seen it before, I knew it was coming, I was ready-- No, I was waiting for it.... Yes, have seen these guys before and love them! Gym Class Heroes, completely fun and performed last Saturday on one of two main stages during Van's Warped Tour when it hit Marysville, Sleep Train Ampitheatre. This guy makes the craziest faces and he's got such a delicious charm about him. After he made this crazy face he sorta slyly glanced over to the other band members with what looked to me like a playful amused-at-himself kind of smile... adorable! The crowd loved them, not surprised. they always put on a rad show!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Evita at Music Circus!


Thursday, August 07, 2008

All over the world...

What greater form of expression is there than music. In the creative realm is there much that can compare, really? Music is happening all over the world, right in our backyards, clubs, and bars are playing host to all kinds of amazing original music every day. The Bistro, in Hayward California, is an example of a local bar with an unusually lively crowd eager to listen. On this night Cwiggz! (who just happens to be my delightful boyfriend) and Vanessa Beggs each performed their own brand of musical art to an enthusiastic crowd.
Though a classically trained pianist Cwiggz! has created his own brand of rap. His music is bold, playful, in your face, sometimes explicit and there are a couple of songs he performed that had the audience howling with laughter. There's that thing, you know that thing when someone says something you totally "get" but didn't have quite the right words to say it yourself. Yes, Cwiggz! is insightful and very clever-- it was fun.
I should mention that in addition to being a clever rapper Cwiggz! aka Chris Goslow is a wonderful composer and wrote and performed the original piano score for the photographic slide show I use for self-promotion on my website.
Also on the bill was singer/songwriter Vanessa Beggs who has a lovely soulful voice with great range and a haunting quality in some of her songs. She did an amazing cover of a Feist song, When I Was a Young Girl, in addition to several of her own original tunes playing on her new Fender guitar. She describes her work as Avant-Pop. I can see that, good call. :)
I guess the smaller local papers might do some coverage of shows like this but there just isn't enough of it. There is remarkable, original and truly unique music being created and performed by passionate musical artists any night of the week somewhere. Open mike's and small clubs like this are haven's for it. Go see a show, support your local music scene, get inspired, inspire others by showing up!

My Fair Lady, Music Circus


Buckcherry, this one's for you Monique!

Cruefest out at Sleep Train Ampitheatre was hot hot hot, not just temperature-wise but hot musically-- Papa Roach, Buckcherry and of course Motley Crue themselves. And by the way, the Buckcherry song Crazy Bitch is just wicked fun.

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