Sunday, April 23, 2006

The bird

I shot Mudvayne a couple of weeks ago at Arco Arena for Your Music Magazine and eMusiConnect... I realize I might get a very mixed reaction to this photo and it's definitely not meant to offend anyone-- It's just part of the rock and roll genre and the hard-edged people you sometimes find there. The more conservative types who see this might be appalled and the edgier set will think it's totally awesome! I admit I was pretty stoked when it happened, I always appreciate the unexpected and getting attention in the form of a photo op from the frontman is always cool. It's just one of those things with the metal bands-- If someone flips you a bird it's actually a good thing.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Allyn Live!

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"Allyn, aka Doctor Lacubrious... LIVE! right in the middle of my very own Eye Street Chronicles office! Allyn says "I want to be the Slipknot of acoustic music." As Allyn explains "It would be awesome to be famous but still retain your anonynimity."

Monday, April 10, 2006

Prima Ballerina

The lovely Ottilia is learning ballet with the Sacramento Youth Ballet and today I photographed her in this amazing costume right out of their own gorgeous collection. Sonia Bardin, the artistic director is amazing and so dedicated to bringing the tradition and beauty to these young ballet dancers-- so impressive. Bardin once danced with the legendary Rudolf Nureyev, wow. Parts of this particular costume were modeled after the one Anna Pavlova wore in the Swan Lake performance.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Friday, April 07, 2006


Had a blast of a photo shoot today with a group of super talented videographer guys who as a group call themselves Killclowns. Besides filming rock shows they video stunts and pranks too-- much like Jackass stuff. They are hilarious and are getting a following...
We did so many different things-- all the way from head shots and a nice boys next door group portrait to a wild and crazy cowboy lassoing his buddy who is wearing a tie-- ahem, only a tie. :)
The last shot of the night was after the guys did full on painted faces and a wig or three for our last crazy shot illustrating good boys gone bad...
Overall an amazing group of fun loving creative guys! Can't wait to see the DVD.
Check Killclowns out on

In the zone and then there this is

If you saw the two images this was spawned from (K and a clown, two of the many people I shot in the studio today) you might be able to see the starting point but then again...
I've been excercising the philospohy of "What if..." quite a bit lately when it comes to the creative process. What if I do this, combine this, use this... It's a lively path and you never know where you will end up.
Once the red happened this image first struck me as the Sun God After a Rainstorm but there is also a bit of the devilish twinkle in his expression. Of course we all have a bit of that don't we! ;)

Monday, April 03, 2006

a little extra effort...

I had a job tonight shooting very traditional business portrait photos for a good-looking guy who has also done some high level modeling. Afterwards he wanted to lend himself to something more artistic. We did several painting with light set ups-- just the camera and a flashlight-- and this is my favorite of the bunch-- though I did take it a bit beyond what the original looks like by altering the colors etc.

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