Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Paula does Picasso


My wonderful body painting friend Paula Barkely and I collaborated again last night, this time on the beautiful model Kara. Kara had to stay still for hours to become the living art piece inspired by the remarkable painter Picasso.
The photo session was far too short for my taste. Note to universe-- More unique and exceptional portrait opportunities please! :)


Monday, November 12, 2007

Sweet Baby James, the wonderful James Taylor

I'm a fan, a huge one and have been since the first moment I heard the song Fire and Rain soooo many years ago. I swooned over his first few albums until David Bowie came along and I found my next musical hero. But I still have a very soft spot for the wonderful James Taylor who performed at Arco Arena last week to the delight of many long time fans like myself. BUT, I was there in a professional capacity shooting for eMusiConnect. It was an awesome spot to shoot from for a change too-- right down the center aisle about 15 rows back. Aside form the occasional latecomer it was perfection. Musically he was as strong as ever with wonderful backup band and back up singers who rounded out the songs that sound so timeless and meaningful when you listen to the lyrics. There was a moment when he sang Secret O' Life that I was truly touched-- just such a lovely idea and reminder about remembering to enjoy the journey, something I often forget during the crazy life I lead these days. The crowd was with him except for one goon in the crowd who yelled out "Shut up and sing!" I guess banter between songs isn't what we go to concerts for but I for one really like it. It gives more of a sense of the artists as people and not just performers. In fact Dolly Parton was one of the chattiest performers I've ever seen (next to Bowling for Soup-- who take it to a whole new incomprehensible level) and Parton is just the funniest sweetiest thing with charm in every word she speaks.


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