Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Working it out

I have this surge of artistic creativity coarsing through my veins at times and a desire to learn something that I can see in my mind's eye but don't know yet how to accomplish it. Life is bustling and so the hours I get to spend in one of my favorite activities-- noodling around in Photoshop or Painter-- are at a minimum these days. There are no classes for what I am trying to learn so I look at what's happening out there, seeking inspiration in life, in nature, on faces, TV, in any kind of design or imagery I see. Either new images such as the one of my beautiful friend Debbie or file images like of the lovely model Natasha or my musical boyfriend Chris-- I'm just working it out, teaching this dog some new tricks by trial and error. I'm convinced it's a great way to learn. :)

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