Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Something new and groovy

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Can't sleep...

Can't sleep so I've been playing with this image from one of the shoots today. I wish I had a bigger studio space to work in. There is so much more I could do. That said I really enjoyed having fun lighting and this was a grab shot when one of the kids looked my way. Unposed, just a momentary glance in beautiful light. I did some post production work on it to give it this more artistic look but the lighting and the colors are completely natural.

Stephen, you rock!

Stephen rocks because after I'd shot his band, STD, he'd come back to my place wearing his moms fur coat. Hey, it was a chilly day! So when I saw him walk in like that, with his mohawk and the fur all I could see in my minds eye was the missing "bling". After some good natured urging by his mom, our friend Steve and myself Stephen agreed to add a bit of bling and do some more solo posing. I thrive on extremes, contrast and the unexpected.


Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
Solardrone is one of the three bands I shot on marathon band day and we drove over to a huge abandoned building on 15th and R. There is a joke about band publicity photos-- So NO brick walls. In fact it's such a cliche now that there is actually a site dedicated to band photos shot in front of brick walls. Of course when we got to the abandoned building in question all of a sudden all I could see was brick! Painted in funky sage colors but brick nonetheless. And the guys all groaned of course. No brick walls!
So we found this very cool corner nearest the street and did some cool environmentals there.

Marathon Band Day

Originally uploaded by Charrmer.
Meet Malcom Bliss, a popular Sacramento band on the eve of going to NAMM in LA-- a huge music industry thing-- and they needed some new publicity shots. This is one of my favorite kinds of playful things to do, a spin. My friend Steve who himself is in four bands, Malcom Bliss included (see bottom right), also manages two bands and set this whole thing up. It was a great day hanging out with a whole bunch of new (to me), wonderful people. And thanks Steve, you are a darling!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I've done it again. Ever the project oriented person I've come up with yet a new blog project, this one called Modern Day Saint.


It's dedicated to the philosophy that we are all saintly and perfect in some way whether it's whimsical or diabolical. It's that little something about ourselves we recognize as a whole and undeniable truth. Unlike traditional Patron Saints it may not always be a good thing, but it is always a true thing. Years ago a friend of mine told me about a mean girl she didn't like at all but still she described her as perfect-- perfect in her meanness-- and it was meant as a compliment! I saw the strange logic in it and have carried the thought around all this time. Where this goes who knows but I'm finding it very entertaining to find out what kind of modern day saints each one of us sees ourselves as. I've been asking people and will be posting right along. Please check it out and participate!

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