Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tis the Season... for Music Circus!

Shooting live theatre is fantastically fun and challenging. I signed on to do the photography for Music Circus this season and I'm loving it. The make up, hair and costuming, the music, the actors, the staging, choreography, dancing and singing is all top notch and we are lucky to have such a unique kind of theater in the round experience right here in our town. Each week I have been creating a poster of images from each show and this is a sample of the first two. I guess I'm a bit of a cheerleader but make no apologies for talking up something I believe is truly wonderful, and I am having the time of my life!

Sasha Monet Calendar in progress

Sasha Monet Calendar
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We are a bit further along now with the pin-up calendar and are nearing completion. There is still a bit of work to do on it-- some artistic rendering, retouching and the year at a glance calendar has to be placed center stage-- but thought we would put it out there to get some feedback... anyone? To see a larger view of it go to Red Hot Marbles.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar
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The Flash radio station brought powerhouse duo singer Pat Benatar along with her amazingly talented husband Neil Giraldo to the Radisson tonight. Benatar was at her peak of popularity in the 80's with some giant hit songs-- We Belong, Love is a Battlefield, Shadows of the night. I remembered a couple of them before going out there but once they hit the stage suddenly a wave of amazement overtook me too as the sheer volume of recognizeable songs, true hits, were played and many of which I could still remember all the words too. As did the audience! It was a knock out show and Benatar has the voice she's always had and then some.
When we got there and the meet and greet was looming nearly every person who came by to talk to us would say-- 'She's tiny, you know she's only this big...' with a hand gesture indicating her height. Well, she is tiny. But as they say, good things come in small packages, and Pat Benatar is no exception to that rule!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Can you believe this? Synchronicity revisited!

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Here she is again, the face in the crowd at Warp Tour 2004. I had this great image of her and no idea who she was till a friend recognized her months later and hooked us up. So, Thursday I'm in the photo pit at Warp Tour 2005 and someone taps me on the shoulder... guess who? YES! Griselda! The very same girl at the very same stage but this time she's inside the pit standing right next to me. Wow, talk about coming full circle!

This one's for you Trish!

Lars Fredricksen
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Lars Fredricksen of Rancid was on the side of the stage during the Transplants fantastic performance at Van's Warped Tour Thursday. Someone asked me if that was Billy Idol... uh, NOOOO! So Trish , here's Lars looking so cute!
Billy Idol was amazing btw! The photo pit was three deep with photographers and no other performer came anywhere near having that kind of coverage.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Horrorpops at Warped Tour 2005

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As many bands as I have heard of there are so many more that have escaped my awareness. Horrorpops, live on the Volcom stage at this years Vans Warped Tour were a shockingly fun surprise! I was out there for emusiconnect . The Horrorpops are fronted by their lead singer woman on a stand up bass, and also have two dancing women in frilly petticoat skirts eager to display retro style red panties. But there is something bright and light, not dark about the goth and skeleton costuming all in red, black and white. The guitarist and bass player are intense and great to watch as they work the crowd as well.

Opportunity knocks...

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As the models were finishing up with hair and make up I took the opportunity for some quick portraits fo them before the show started. I had maybe five minutes with each one but they were so beautiful and so professional they made it easy to get gorgeous pictures using nothing more than an open door as a backdrop. This is the kind of thing I live for-- the unexpected opportunity wonderfully realized.

Hair Stories ala Mizani

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Mizani, a division of Loreal, put on an amazing fashion show as part of a Second Saturday art opening at 40 Acres Gallery. I don't even know where to begin to describe the experience. I was hired to shoot the event by the PR firm putting this together and went early enough to get pics of the girls getting hair and make-up done as well-- you know me, I like the behind the scenes stuff.
This was first class talent all the way. The hair and make up people are at the tip top of their craft and flew in to work their magic on these seven spectacular girls. The show alone was a joy to behold as each one walked the stage to display hair designs based on various historic eras. Afterwards they went to the gallery, posed for more pictures and then posed as art while patrons enjoyed the gallery experience. It was a stunning display!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

A face in the crowd

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Maybe it's the photojournalist in me that is always on the look out for interesting faces in the crowd with the added bonus of interesting light. To me this is such a face, and such a light. The way it caught her eye and settled on just the edges of her face made her pop right out of the crowd. She had the most amazing dreadlocks too.

Dressing Dresden Doll

Dressing Dresden Doll
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Brian Viglione, the drumming half of The Dresden Dolls duo is pictured in the dressing room doing his make up before a recent Empire show. Brian and his partner Amanda Palmer both wear slightly goth make-up as part of their stage persona and I made an arrangement with their management company to shoot them getting ready that night. I shot like a crazy person too because I knew the time would be limited. While shooting candids as they did their thing I noticed that Brian was making all these funny faces, pretending not to notice me of course... :) With each click the face changed. I loved it, who wouldn't!

The Mystery Punk

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A face in the crowd lit by a blue light... I may have played with this a bit artistically but these are the natural colors and style of his hair as he enjoyed a show from the crowd at The Empire. I don't think he ever saw me. I wish I knew who he is. I would love to give him a print. Anyone out there recognize this guy?

Hip Hop at The Empire

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It was a strange night somehow. I've shot at the Empire so many times now I can't even count the number but tonight he floor was wide open, cleared entirely with lots of people but only in the periphery. Usually there are pockets of people all over. Not this time. The headlining act was Digable Planets. Finally a DJ started spinning some tunes and a few brave souls had to get their ya ya's out in the form of hip hop dancing, similar to the break dancing of old. One by one a handful of people took their place in the center of the floor and showed deft skill dancing, spinning, gymnastics, amazing footwork. How many hours do they have to be in front of a mirror practicing to do what they do? It's impressive!

Black Eyed Peas

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The Black Eyed Peas headlined the End Fest, which I shot for emusiconnect . Fergie is so darn cute. Probably the chemical catalyst that has taken the band to the next level too. It was only a five song set much to my surprise. But each and every song was great, great great. They didn't save the best for an encore, yay, which is a trend I keep noticing lately. In fact, it's become a pet peeve. The encore is supposed to be the audience craving more and demanding more LOUDLY so the band relents gratefully and comes back out to play. How many times now have I seen a set list where the encore is already decided and printed right on the set list? Way too many.

Celebrity whore for Rick Springfield

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Oh I wish that I was Ricky's girl... It's been such a long time since I've been consistent about uploading to this blog and that must stop! I'm out shooting all the time and there's no good excuse for not taking the time to post.
Anyway, Rick Springfield played the Radisson a few weeks back and I shot pics. Also had the pleasure of meeting him after the show. He played a great set. So many women brought bouquets of roses and with each one bouquet took from them he would beat the strings of his guitar, hurtling rose petals into the air, falling like rain back onto the stage. The women swooned.
The guy is as hot and as talented as ever.

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