Monday, October 24, 2005

Gwen, I need a bubble machine too!

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I HAD to go to the Gwen Stefani show at Arco last night, nothing could stop me, but since it was a sold-out show I resorted to making a deal with the devil-- a scalper. In the end it was worth it. The production was wonderful and in addition to being a great singer/songwriter (and designer) she is one helluva showman-- not to mention the clever and imaginative costuming and styling of the entire thing. She has a great mind and no doubt (pardon the pun) a gifted crew of people working with her.
For months now I have been longing for a fun little point and shoot camera for situations just like this so I tried one out but I gotta tell you-- of the 153 photos I managed to shoot last night this is the ONLY DECENT ONE at all. I'm spoiled, I need control!
Maybe the next thing I buy is going to be a bubble machine too! How fun life would/could be if two things were commonplace in this world... One, if we all expressed ourselves via singing in conversation. Imagine singing "Honey, I'm home" in a sweet lilting voice or "I would like the caesar salad and an ice tea please" or "That'll be $1549.49 for your car repair, cash check or visa?" :)
Two, what if bubbles filled the air more often than not... it's just fun! Lawrence Welk had a good idea and I thank Gwen for bringing it back!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Threading Over Dark, more gore

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Threading Over Dark, a dark and sinister tale currently being filmed in and around Sacramento will not be for the squeamish. Chances are those of you who love the blood and gore will go in droves and leave smiling. Of course it's still very much in process so you'll just have to wait and follow the production as they blog it on their myspace site. What I have seen during filming is the diabolical creepiness so graphically portrayed by these moviemakers. Visionary director Greg "Papa Stech" Stechmanprowled and growled around today's set, a garage in Roseville, anxiously tending to every detail while wearing a white T-shirt covered in fake blood. Todd Gearou, who looks like the very nice man next door, was truly in live the fantasy mode as he tortured poor Amy, first in a bathtub and later in this torturous chair. The poor girl had to be chained up and gagged for hours. Christa Bella, the make-up and special effects artist, along with her skilled assistants, made everything happening look so real-- right down to the screws that would be drilled into the victims hands. UGH.
Earlier in the day there were three teenage girls who had also fallen victim to the sinister lead and were so enthralled with their bloody make-up they stayed in it all day, offering to pose as zombies for me at any opportunity.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Let there be Cake!

John McCrae, Cake
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One of Sacramento's most well known bands, Cake, performed a Katrina Relief benefit last night at the Empire to a sold out crowd. Founding member and frontman John McCrae stands under the twinkling lights of a disco ball hung above the stage.
They have such an original sound too and I think they defy selecting a genre, though they are probably considered alternative rock. McCrae plays guitar and a funny instrument called a vibraslap. The first time I saw them live was in the very early 90's and what I remember most was a wonderful and unexpected cover of an old Doris Day song, " Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps".

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Frank Hannon's new guitar!

Guitarz From Marz, Frank Hannon's newest solo endeavor was a great reason to party at Fandango's where The Frank Hannon Band had their CD release show last night and it was lot's of fun. It must have been Frank's birthday too-- or at least recently-- because he pulled this sweet guitar out and began to tell the story about how he got it as a gift from his wife. He had told her all about finding it and playing it one day at a local store and then she called the store back and told them to wrap that baby up. He was so surprised. The way he told the story and talked about her was darling. He's so in love with her and so in love with this guitar too.
As a bonus Jeff and Brian, Tesla bandmates showed up and did a few songs with the band as well. This man is great to photograph, so expressive and fun-- and he has gorgeous blonde hair that he flips all around!

Flogging Molly Crowd

The punk fashions, in their infinite colorful variety, were wonderful at the Flogging Molly show at the Radisson last night. It was sold out and I have no idea what the crowd capacity is there but we're talking wall to wall people in an outdoor venue of a hotel-- somehow incongruous when you saw some of the hotel guests mingling in the lobby and restaurant/bar area with the concert goers.
In the middle of the concert crowd there was a ferocious circle pit that was filled with gleeful participants, some being carried piggy back, some in bear hugs, some just dancing and whirling as the current of people spun at breakneck pace.

Flogging Molly and fans!

eyebrowpiercingOn a whim she decided to get her eyebrow pierced, much to the surprise of her friends who stood on the sidelines watching, giggling and offering encouragement.
Once the guy finished she turned to look over her shoulder at her friends, revealing the trickles of blood traveling down the side of her face-- and she was beaming! This was during an incredible Flogging Molly show at The Radisson last night.
For some inexplicable (to me) reason they are considered a punk band. I just don't get it-- but then again I have no better suggestion. They certainly have the edgy high-voltage energy of the genre. Maybe it's the accordian, fiddle and irish drumming that throw me off... ;) No matter what you call them they kick ass and make you feel good. Last year I saw them for the first time on the main stage at Warped Tour and I think they were even better last night!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Threading Over Dark, gore and more

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There's a new movie in town called Threading Over Dark and today was the first day of shooting. Somewhere in Sacramento, on a seemingly mild-mannered street, is a group of independent filmakers absolutely giddy over the gore that they will bring to life on the big screen. I looked over the script, and winced too many times! This movie is loosely based on a true story and this particular director has made it a goal to do it right, do it realistically with no movie-making behemoth overlord able to put the kabash on his vision.

In this photo the director, Greg Stechman, goes over script details with "Amanda", before filming a tricky bath scene that ultimately includes a significant amount of blood.
They have a million dollar budget, an enthusiastic cast, experienced technical support, a hands-on director with passion and a wonderful producer, Todd Gearou, who on this day even cooked a giant casserole lunch (a special family recipe) for the cast and crew.
The amusing part for me was watching how excited everyone got by just how gross it will all be. I'm one of those people in a theatre audience who will watch the bloody and violent stuff through the haze of fingers over my eyes. But when I saw the bizarre concoctions the special effects person, Christa Bella, was putting together for a particular scene-- green tea, blackberry jello, loofah, tissue, string, a vast array of food color dyes and such it took some of the scary edge off. However, viewing the rushes on the monitor, it sure looks real!
There will be much much more to report on this so stay tuned! There is a good chance what I do write will end up on Moonlighting, my other blog that has been sadly left unattended for far too long.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I wanna be an american idiot...

Green Day, Arco Arena, thousands of screaming fans, amazing pyrotechnics, funny hats, mondo moshing, panting, sweating, surfing, a water hose soaking people, hands waving in the air from the floor to the rafters, a trombone with a boxing glove on it... all this and so much more as Green Day, a band who really knows how to engage the audience, took the stage and gave the fans their money's worth. It's clear they love what they do and they bring that spirit right out into the open and just have fun. Showing their appreciation the audience waved lighters and glowing cell phones in the air. There were far more cell phones than lighters too... That is certainly a sign of the times we live in.
When Tre Cool the drummer saw me he started making all these funny faces so I just kept at it.

We had nine minutes to shoot...

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