Friday, June 27, 2008

Faeries Amongst Us

Got a bug recently to do this faerie series (blogged about it once already) and the next thing you know I have a gallery show scheduled for July. I've been an avid pen and ink enthusiast for years and am always trying to find a way to combine it with photography. this time as I worked along there were two that went in a new direction, the one here is the second one. I used pen and ink drawing as the base, combined it with a portrait of Natasha and next added in imagery of marbled paper I made and photographed. I had a feeling I could do something fun with the paper besides wrapping packages! The reception is July 12th at the FE Gallery on Elvas avenue. It's a beautiful place and they are going to do a live metal smithing demo as well. If you live in the area you should really come out, see the show, Sheena Wolfe is showing glass masks too and the metal work (part of Fence World) is amazing! If you are in the area you might even make a night of it. Second Saturday in Sacramento is just incredible these days! EVITE
Thanks go to Chris Burrous at KOVR Channel 13 who did a piece on me at the gallery that ran this morning July 11th.
Click this and see it online!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

New portfolio video!

Creation of a photography or art portfolio is almost a science, especially these days when there is no "right" way to do it. Technology-- internet, digital output options-- have created endless ways for artists to create, display and market their work. You could create an entire college course around this and I bet there is one already. In addition to blogs and the online portfolio that one can simply send links to I happen to like videos and have finally created one that shows the diversity of my work. It's only a small sample of what I have to show and features original music by Chris Goslow, the incredibly talented musical artist I have the extreme pleasure to know. :)

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