Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Flea, The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist is a trip. He's fun, he's wild, he's playful, he's a colorful character in general-- and colorful is just the word when it came to the incredibly wild body suit he performed in tonight at their Arco Arena show. It was a patchwork of patterns and paisley-- not something you often see on a man but it just suits him! He had a couple of bass solos too, which were wonderful. Kind of showing off and taking the bass to musical places you don't normally expect, pulling it off beautifully. The production value of the show was a sight to see too and it included a runway of lights like a colorful neon ceiling over the audience. Really amazing!
These guys are known for antics (there were none, well, there was the hand stand to a leap by Anthony Kiedis off the drum riser). Musically the guys are great, each and every one. I know it's said that Anthony is no singer but I like his voice and I really like his style. I was impressed with Chad Smith's forceful drumming and John Frusciante's passion on guitar.
Tonight was one of those nights that I actually felt short, which I am anyway but I can usually work around it pretty well. Tonight was different though because even the taller shooters were challenged on this one. I found myself shooting through crevices, amps, cords, anything that offered a view of the guys on the stage who were way up there anyway. Oh boo hoo. It's a normal challenge really and frankly I was delighted to be there.
The bottom line is that I may shoot for a couple dozen photos to make a decent web gallery-- check out eMusiConnect.com -- but in the end I just need one great shot. Just one.

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