Monday, October 29, 2007

Greeting's from Lavender Heights

Holy Hallows Eve Batman! Even I could barely imagine the abundance of incredible costumes i would see on Saturday night down on 20th and K Streets, the apex of Lavendar Heights, teeming with people all in fabulous costumes, scary, ourtrageous, beautiful, funny, imaginative-- like wow. Me and my fun girl posse hung out with the massive crowds just looking at and being looked at. And the shoes! Like 12 inch heel platforms of every shape, color, size and style. We got there kinda late so it was last call when we went into one of the clubs but the glory of the dance floor beckons... soon, we oughta all go strut!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

London Baby!

Just got back from a whilrwind vacation in Europe and have barely had time to begin the editing process for real but here's just one grab shot of a shop window while wandering the streets of London.
We were on our way to Harrod's, a store of such magnitude I think it takes up three city blocks, at least.
This particular one is from the town of Arezzo in Tuscany. I liked the contrast between what looks retro hip and decidedly old in the reflections. The blue sky that day was so rich too. The first night wandering around in London with fellow photographer Pat Schneider was really fun and we happened upon a very cool window display on our way to the best indian food in town. We both shot a bunch of photos of it and for me the visual became one of the things I continued to notice during the whole trip.

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